Tuesday, June 28, 2011

College Slogans

The college where RT works recently sent out a call for suggestions for slogans that can be used in advertisements, etc. You know, "Knowledge is Power" and that sort of thing. RT being a helpful sort tried to cover several market segments with catchy phrases. The college name has been changed to SGU to protect the innocent.

1. Learning For Life.
2. Expugnation Through Education.
3. Of course we accept the GED!
4. Si Habla Ebonics!
5. Smarten Up, Playa!
6. Pell! Easier Than Welfare!
7. School is Dope, Yo!
8. Coeds - Mmm, mmm!
9 SGU Impresses the Judge.
10. Collitch Rox!
11. OMG! SGU is 2 Kewl!
12. No, Harry S. Truman didn't need technology to blow up the Japs, but we can still teach you about computers.
13. Email The Grandkids at SGU!
14. Educate Expeditiously!
15. Got Learning?
16. SGU, Because Work Sucks!
17. Welding, Yeah!

However, the administration took the narrow view that RT's slogans are inappropriate for advertising purposes. Which is true, but still, I think that's the narrow view.
Good Lernin'