The Dragnet story

On 16 Jun 08 my house was burglarized.  This is the account I wrote up at the time, Dragnet style.  I gave it a page for posterity.  A later update from 5 Aug 09 follows.  There will be one more update, hopefully by this fall (2010).

My house was broken into Monday and they got a couple of pistols among other things. Here's the time line. Imagine Sergeant Joe Friday from Dragnet narrating.

Pemiscot Dragnet
The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This is the county, Pemiscot County MO. A scattered rural population nestled deep in the SE corner of Missouri located one mile north of the Arkansas border. A brief six mile drive puts you in Blytheville at the extreme NE corner of Mississippi County Arkansas, which is where most of our story takes place.

Monday, 16 Jun 08
12:30 – While at the Blytheville Wal-Mart during my lunch break, I received a call from the missus, reporting a broken back window. Had her look for signs of robbery, and she noticed jewelry chest drawers were on the floor and emptied. Told her to call the police and I’ll be right home. Left my half full shopping basket, went to customer service and got a phone book. Called Hawk’s Pawn in Blytheville and Gosnell Pawn in Gosnell, four miles north of Blytheville, and alerted employees to be on the lookout for a large amount of jewelry. Said I would call back when I had more information.

1:15 - Deputy H— of the Pemiscot County Sheriff’s Department arrives and begins examining the scene. Back window broken, trash can lid smashed from climbing on it, clearly the point of entry. The missus and I compile an initial listing of missing property, and Deputy H—records it. Highlights include, contents of the jewelry armoire, large duffel bag containing assorted gun cleaning supplies and extra magazines, a Ruger 22/45 pistol, a Sig Sauer P226 pistol, a Canon Camcorder, and a Sony DSC-H9 digital camera. All small, high dollar, easily disposable items; seems to be an experienced thief.

2:30 - Deputy H—departs to enter the pistol information into the MULES system, and start a report. I call Hawk’s and Gosnell Pawn and alert them to the missing pistol, camera, and camcorder. Head back to work at 3:15.

5:00 – Pulling into Wal-Mart to resume my interrupted shopping, get a call from Suzanne at Gosnell Pawn. She informs me that they have just taken in a Canon camcorder matching the description. Asks for serial number. I give her the serial number and it matches. Suzanne calls the local Gosnell PD, and I call Pemiscot County with the information. She has the driver’s license information on the woman who pawned the camcorder. She also pawned a small amount of jewelry. We have a solid lead.

5:30 (est.) – Deputy H—heads into Arkansas to investigate further.

5:45 – I go by the Blytheville PD to alert them of the situation and see if they have any suggestions on any additional action I could take. Speak with Chief of Police who advises that unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do at this time, as it’s not in their jurisdiction, but requests that I keep the local PD informed.

8:00 – Compile a property list containing most of the missing items, with descriptions and any peculiarities the might help in identification. The missus will have to add the jewelry descriptions in the morning.

Tuesday, 17 Jun 08
8:00 – Arrive at work, realize there is an additional pawn shop in Blytheville that I was marginally aware of, but forgot in the excitement. I’ll contact Buddy’s Pawn first thing.

9:00 – The missus emails me the completed property list. I print a copy and fax it to the Pemiscot County Sheriff’s department. I print out several copies to distribute to the local shops and police.

10:00 - AT&T representatives show up for critical meeting regarding complete replacement of network infrastructure. I can’t do anything until it’s over.

11:45 – Meeting finally over, I take copies of property list and head first to Buddy’s Pawn. Lisa is very helpful, and informs me that they have taken in a digital camera that morning. We compare serial numbers and they match. Call Deputy H— to inform him that our camera has surfaced. This was pawned by a man and woman with the same last name. We now have two suspects, and it’s in Blytheville jurisdiction. I leave Lisa a copy of the property list and head to Blytheville PD. I inform them of the situation and leave them a property list. I also go by Hawk’s pawn and alert them and leave a complete list.

12:30 – I head out to Gosnell Pawn to drop off a list. Suzanne informs me that she already has one. Deputy H— is in AR tracking the leads and gives them a copy of the fax. He was apparently head to Buddy’s pawn. I leave a copy with the Gosnell PD, and head back to Blytheville.

1:00 – While driving back to Blytheville, I get a call from Dan at Hawk’s pawn informing me that the large bag with all the gun accessories has come in at Hawk’s. Unfortunately, Dan was in the back with the property list and another employee took in the bag unknowingly, so he didn’t know to check the vehicle. It’s the same person who pawned the camera. I call Deputy H—and leave him a message.

1:15 – I arrive back at Buddy’s Pawn to find Deputy H—and two Mississippi County Deputy’s taking the camera into evidence. I fill him in with all I know. They think they know where the suspects are staying.

2:00 – I arrive back at work and fax a copy of the list to another pawn shop about 20 miles away on the chance that they may hit another store for the guns and remaining jewelry.

4:00 - I receive a callback from Deputy H—informing me that the Mississippi County Sheriff’s department has a motel staked out, and he is returning to Arkansas from the Pemiscot County courthouse with warrants for the arrest of two individuals for Burglary 1 and Burglary 2.

6:00 – I call the Sheriff’s department for updates and am informed that Mississippi County deputies have arrested two individuals, and Deputy H—is in route to interrogate, take custody of, and transport the prisoners back to the Pemiscot County Justice Center.

They haven’t recovered the pistols, but I think they got most of the other stuff. Three departments are working on tracking them down.



After the burglars were arrested, they unfortunately made bail. They showed up for their first court date, and maybe the second, but then jumped bail. They probably didn't go far, but laid low. However, justice would prevail.

Sometime earlier this year, either March or April, they were both apprehended. No bail this time. After several court dates, and pushing it back, and on and on, they were finally sentenced yesterday. The wife got four years, but she'll only have to serve a 120. The husband got five years, and he'll be serving it all.

On a side note, during a traffic stop three weeks ago in Blytheville, AR (June or August 2009) the officer smelled something, searched the car, and found my Sig P226. Now that they've been sentenced, I should be able to get it back in the near future.

****Final Update****
The PA wanted to hold my pistol until the drug case was resolved, and after the perp jumped bail, came in, and pled, I finally got my Sig P226 back in May 2010  Almost two years after it was stolen.  I took it home and thoroughly cleaned it, of course and went to the range.  Mechanically and internally it looks like it was never gone. However, it was sliding around in a trunk for quite some time, and the finish is somewhat scratched up.  No matter, I don't put much stock in pretty.  I'm just glad it's home and perfectly functional.