Sunday, June 10, 2012

River Dogs - Float 2012

Nothing too exceptional happened this year and Bill's doing a great running blog on Facebook, so I'm not going into much overall detail.  Three things:  I promise.

1) We had to float a different section of the river(s) this year due to low water and consequently camped in a different area.  We floated the Jack's Fork from Alley Spring 15 miles until the confluence with the Current and then seven more miles to Powder Mill/Owls' Bend..  Nice, small campground with only 10 sites, but only about half were filled and we got on the end.  Good site altogether.
2) We went from Saturday through Monday instead  of the usual F-S.  The first day was insanely packed, as we were far enough down river to have rafts in the mix.  (We normally like to canoe before rafts can be used.)  However, we didn't see anybody Sunday morning until 11:00.  Big happiness, that.  Also saw very few all day.  Monday it was virtually all ours.  We passed the confluence on day two, so day three was just five miles on the current.  As that point, it was just floating along making good time.  No effort required as compared with the upper Jack's or Current. It was strangely relaxing to not have to work on the water before having to drive three hours home.  I felt better rested at the end of the float than I can ever remember, and I only got about six hours sleep.
3) GK1 and RT are apparently the only two who can still hang late night by the campfire.  Everyone else scurried into their tents at the sign of a little sprinkle and missed the glorious full moon, growing ever more clear, as the clouds faded into mist, and then into oblivion, leaving that celestial orb glowing over the mighty bluffs, looking down protectively over the beach, and casting shadow as if in daylight.
Good Shooting,

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