Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rifle Search

So.  Today (9 Jun 12) was national Take Your Daughter to the Range day.  I thought I might try to get Mini Tornado to the range, finally, but once again got bogged down trying to find the perfect first rifle.  And she had a birthday party, so it wasn't happening anyway.  There are several very good to excellent to 'no thanks' starter guns with a very short LOP for small shooters.  In no particular order:  Savage Rascal, Henry Minibolt, Cub, Crickett, Stevens Favorite, Marlin XT-22, T/C Hot Shot, H&R Youth, etc.  Since I was going to have a day in Memphis, I printed out a list of the five or six largest gun sellers in the town.

At the start of the day, I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew it wasn't a Crickett.  The T/C is the favorite, but the Henry, Savage or Stevens would have gone home...if I'd seen one. 
Bass Pro had a Marlin XT-22 (box mag) and a "Remington 514" which was just the XT-22 in a single shot version.  They both sucked mightily.  Damn you Freedom Group!
Guns and Assholes had two Cricketts and an H&R with the horrible sights. 
That's it.  That's all the starter rifles in Memphis.  Sad, right? Locally, Wal-Mart has a Crickett and the LGS has two Cricketts.  Oh well, even without handling one, I went ahead and placed the order with J&J Firearms for a T/C Hot Shot (Pink Camo) and a Tapco T6 Adjustable Stock for the 10/22.  MT will have a semi-auto available when she's ready to advance past single shot.

That's it right there.  19" barrel, 30" overall, peep and post, reports of dime size accuracy at 50 yards.  Niiice.  I'm probably way more excited than she is.
Good Shooting,

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