Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday

I made this a general GF post, because my muse for this post, Hank Johnson D-GA, has already been posted to death. Lawdog and others have already posted, so I'll leave it alone. I was prepared to wax eloquent on the fallacy of electing retarded congressmen, as well as the phallacy of electing dicks. Fucktard. Anyway....

The weather's beautiful and I had a great day dying eggs with Mini Tornado and playing in the park. Much fun was had by all.

And to my great excitement, my plunger arrived! Oh...what plunger? From the S&W story posted previously, I only received 2 out of 3 parts, as one was on back order. It may have mentioned that on the packing list, but I didn't really look that closely. So after calling again and getting another very helpful rep, the plunger that goes between the extractor and spring arrived. After Mini Tornado went to a cousins house this evening, I assembled the parts correctly on my S&W 22A and made a quick run to the range for function testing. Perfect. I only ran through about 100 rounds, emptied the trash cans, burned the trash and made it back home before dark. Had a great dinner "that couldn't be beat" and now I think I'll settle in for the Laker game with a cocktail. What a day!
Happy shooting,

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