Friday, September 17, 2010

Damn, I'm bad at this!

Anyway, so as mentioned in my last bried, I was going to write a brief synopsis of the Second Float Trip of 2010. It turned out to just be three of us, Andy, Bill, and RT, of course. Being late summer, the Jack's Fork was too low, so we floated the Current about 28 miles. It was overcast when we started and rained a bit during the afternoon, but we made great time since we weren't stopping in the rain. Fortunately it stopped after an hour or so and Saturday and Sunday were perfect river days.

With just the three of us, we decided to do precooked meals for simplification. Bill brought Chili for Friday night, Andy provided a most excellent beef stew for Saturday, and your humble narrator brought sausage gravy for Saturday and Sunday morning. A big bag of biscuits and we were set. I happened to have a pot that was just right, and boom, all our evening and morning meals were done. The simplicity was beautiful. A great idea that we executed quite well. A word; milk gravy tends to be pretty thin after freezing, so it needs to heat quite a while in the morning.
Happy Shooting,

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