Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Human Rights

In reading Pawpaw's House today, pointed to an article from that makes a lot of sense. I agree wholeheartedly and am going to keep this going. The following is quoted from Pawpaw, quoted from, quoted from the U.S. Constitution.

Self defense is a human right, probably the most basic of human rights. Whether individual or collective, we have the right to defend ourselves and that right is codified in the 2nd Amendment. Guns, in and of themselves, have no rights. They are simply tools.
On one hand, we preach that guns are mere machines, inanimate objects and tools. On the other, we appear to be attempting to give ‘rights’ to these inanimate machines.

I submit to you a request; that we remove the phrase “gun rights” from our vocabulary and replace it with the more human, and more accurate, “gun-owner rights.”
It's a good point and might be a grammatical nit-pic, but the psychological impact is undeniable. Humans have rights. Tools don't. Yet, when someone seeks to limit my access to a tool, what they're doing is controlling me.

These gun-owner control advocates are demonizing an object in order to control the people while pretending that they're not invading our rights, just gun rights. Clever bastards. It's time we started forcing them to use the correct terminology.
Happy shooting,

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