Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yes, Virginia, customer service does exist!

RT had two excellent examples of customer service in the gun industry in the past few weeks, Federal ammunition and S&W responding to issues with his ammo and pistol, respectively.

Federal 750s and Remington Golden bullet are bulk 22LR ammo packed in boxes of 550 cartridges. They are the most common and least expensive low cost bulk ammo available in my neck of the swamps. These are the two that account for most of your plinking and high volume shooting. Going up a step in price and quality is Federal Automatch. It's about the same price, but more consistent and a bit more accurate in most rifles. In choosing standard ammo for his Liberty Training Rifle (LTR, which will be discussed at length in a later post) RT dug out a box of Automatch to do some testing. In short, it was horrible. Approximately 15-20% misfires and 20-25% under powered rounds. Ouch! This was surprising as AM has shown great consistency in the past. So, I went on the Federal web site under the guise of my real identity and reported the problem, including the lot number and all relevant data. The next day I received an email from Federal apologizing for the problem and informing me that two (2) boxes of replacement Automatch had been ordered for me. Wow. Great answer! It arrived a week later and has performed as excellently as anticipated. It was also plenty accurate for my purposes and is now officially my new LTR ammo. RT happy!!!

My problem was with my Smith and Wesson 22A pistol. It's a 22LR pistol, which I may review later, in short, I really like it. However, RT's buddy came down to visit and a range session was one of the activities. I had a few misfires (from another brand of cheap ammo) but it wouldn't eject when the slide was retracted. RT examined the pistol and determined that the extractor slot should very likely have an extractor install in it. Hmmm. It used to have one. So, I called S&W the next day. Their response? "What's your address; we'll send you a parts kit." Wow. Great answer! That's exactly what I considered the best answer possible. It arrived and included an extractor and spring as well as a replacement firing pin and spring. Now I just have to put them in and I'm good to go. RT happy!!!

People bitch and moan a lot about bad service, and I may in the future, but I wanted to spread tales of excellent companies that care about their customers. Federal and S&W, your service gets an RT rating of F5. (That's on the Fujita scale, btw.)
Happy Shooting,

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